Blocking hats – WooLove Blocking Mats

Hello everyone! Today I will be showing you how I block hats with WooLove Blocking Mat. These were provided by WooLove for me to use in this post. Have you ever finished a smaller sized project (Like an adult size hat) and weaved in the edges to find out it was a little to long? … Continue reading Blocking hats – WooLove Blocking Mats


“Its so fluffy!” Unicorn crochet Amigurumi

Hi everyone! If you have watched Despicable Me before, I'm sure you have heard the line "Its so fluffy!". If you have not seen it, here is the clip. I decided to use a unicorn amigurumi pattern I found on and turn it into the popular stuffed unicorn. This was a fairly simple project … Continue reading “Its so fluffy!” Unicorn crochet Amigurumi