How to travel with crochet! Feat: Woolove Yarn Bag

Hello, everyone! Today I have a tips and tricks post and a review wrapped in one! Woolove was kind enough to send me their yarn bag to honestly review on my blog.


Here are 5 tips for traveling with crochet!

1.) Create smaller balls of yarn out of larger ones if you will not be using a lot of that color on your project.

2.) Create a pdf version of your crochet project and add it to your IPad, IPhone or Kindle. This will make it so much easier to read your patterns when you are on the go! (And you do not need to hold onto 10-15 pieces of paper.)

3.) If you are creating a granny square type project, keep Ziploc bags in your car to keep them safe!

4.) Keep your yarn clean and your projects by purchasing a crochet bag.

Or make a d.i.y. version for smaller projects


Photo credited to:Chatter Box Jen

5.) Keep your paper crochet pattern in a laminated pocket binder. (To keep it from getting wet or getting something spilled on it.)


Knitting Bag Tote by Woolove – Review


Yarn storage:

Rating 5/5 stars

I was able to fit 2 – 1 Pound Caron Balls of yarn in this bag, which it quite impressive to me! It also came with a separator to put on the inside of your bag, this is great for yarns that are made of wool or like to pill.


 The quality of the bag:

Rating 4.5/5 Stars


This bags fabric is very thick and will not rip easily. My only slight complaint is that with any yarn that it more thicker than medium, you will have some troubles with stringing it through the edges.

Final thoughts:

I think that this bag is just the thing I have been looking for my vacations and trips that take me on the go! I love that it holds 2 large balls of yarn and can also hold a few crochet hooks, scissors and a paper pattern all on the outside too!

If you would like to purchase this crochet bag, click here.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post, have a great day!


8 thoughts on “How to travel with crochet! Feat: Woolove Yarn Bag

  1. Tami says:

    What a neat bag! It really does look like it’s well made. The travelling tips you gave are great too! I really like that idea with the plastic bins! My two wonderful dogs like to leave their fur all over everything! I store my yarn in a big plastic cabinet with drawers, but when I take a skein out to use on a current project it becomes a dog hair magnet!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hilary says:

    I have one of these bags, they are brilliant. I have only one complaint, the long carrying handle needs to be fixed on the sides not the top as if you forget to zip it and pick it up things fall out


  3. Birgitt Noble says:

    I”d like to look closer at their bags but don’t know where to find them. I tried to copy and paste their name but got a clothing company called Woolovers instead.

    Liked by 1 person

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