Gold Medal Crafts – Ergonomic Crochet Kit Review

Hello everyone! Today I have a crochet kit that was sent to me by Gold Medal Crafts to review on Perfectly Crocheted! Before I start this review, I would like to let you know that even though I was sent this product for free to review, does not mean that I will give a biased review. ūüôā


When I first opened up this package I saw this stock paper that was a reminder to download the Ebook that was sent to you when you first purchased this product! (You could always just go to too!)


This review will be split into 2 parts, one of them is for the crochet hooks and the other is for all the accessories!

1.) Crochet Hooks



                                                               Quality: Rating 4/5

       Price: Rating 5/5

These crochet hooks glide very nicely with acrylic yarn which surprised me since I’m so used to hearing that “squeeeak!!” noise when crocheting with acrylic yarn. Also, normally when I buy a crochet hook separately it costs me about $4-$6 each. And if I did the math right, for how many hooks you are getting, you would have paid $36.00! (And you are only paying $25.00, not including all the extra accessories) So for the price, you are getting a really good bargain!

*I also compared this with my E size Boye hook and this one is about 1/3 of an inch shorter and the tip of the hook is just slightly larger*

       2.) Accessories

Now for the fun part! First of all, I have to say that the bag all the supplies are in is very high quality. Here’s a picture of it.


Then when I opened up the bag, all of the materials were tucked away very neatly in separate compartments!


I was also surprised by how many extras this kit came with. I will list all of the tools below!

IMG_2076.jpg20 Plastic Stitch Markers

6 Yarn Needles

3 Aluminum Pins (7,9,11 cm)

Row Counter

Measuring Tape

Pom Pom Maker

Folding Scissors

Ruler/Gauge Measurer

Durable and Convenient Carrying Case

                                                               Quality: Rating 4.5/5

       Price: Rating 5/5

I was impressed by the quality of the extras, normally when you purchase a crochet kit with extras, you will realize that they are cheap and you are basically purchasing the kit only for the hooks. But that is not the case with this set! Two things that I was in need of was a pom-pom maker and scissors and both of them worked great!


I would recommend this kit to any beginner crocheter or any advanced crocheter. The Ergonomic crochet hooks are high quality and it comes with great supplies.

If you are interested in this kit, you can purchase this kit here.


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